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Dan Stephens, MA, LMHCA, NCC

I can help you save your marriage. Maybe even your life. Possibly even your legacy. Sex addiction kills real love and poisons your heart. Call me today.

Dan Stephens, Counselor, Vancouver, WA

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My Story

Sex addiction killed my brother.

In 2016, my brother, Jon died by his own hand. He did this for one of two reasons, either:

  1. He had just acted out for the final time and was utterly ashamed.
  2. He got to such a dark place that he believed his only two choices were to act out or die.

I believe it was number two. But I cannot ever know for sure.  The last communication that I could find between Jon and anyone else were text messages with his recovery mentor. He was trying to stay sober.

When Jon died, I had just finished my Master's degree at Western Seminary, and was working as a marriage counselor. Even before my brother's death I saw how this addiction destroyed men and marriages.

I knew that I wanted to help others heal from sex addiction, and prevent others from suffering like my brother. I also had to invest heavily into my own healing, because I too, had a sex addiction. Until my brother's death, I was the sex addict's equivalent of a dry drunk. Sober, but still deeply broken inside - and not admitting to it.

My grief overwhelmed me. I was deeply broken and had not addressed the underlying issues that gave power to my addiction. I relapsed. I also confessed to my wife and started seriously working my recovery, instead of just doing it at arms length. For me, this meant going to therapy, going to weekly recovery meetings, and restructuring my life in many ways in order to build a life that is incompatible with addiction.

I still go to weekly meetings, and to personal therapy at least once a month. I practice what I preach. I will not ask my clients to do any work that I have not done myself.

In 2018, I founded Brotherhood of the Broken. A nonprofit counseling and research center focused on treating sex addiction and advancing our understanding of the disease and how to help sex addicts heal.

The journey from brokenness to restoration is long and hard. But healing is worth it. Call me today to start your healing journey.

Credentials & Qualifications

  • Helping men and couples heal since 2014
  • Master of Arts in Counseling, Western Seminary, 2016
  • Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (#MC60636677)
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    National Board Certified Counselor
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    Trained in the Gottman Method up to Level II

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