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Move Confidently From Brokenness to Restoration

We are nonprofit, professional, Christian counselors helping men, couples, and families to heal from pornography or sex addiction, trauma, or infidelity.

This healing is a complex journey that often involves individual and couple's counseling, support groups, and intense spiritual development. We have both extensive training and personal experience to help successfully guide you on this journey.

 We say "journey" because it is not something you complete. It is an ongoing process. There is not a "destination" to arrive at.  It is a new way of being in relationship to self, God, and others. It is the journey from brokenness "to" restoration. Again, there is no destination, but restoration happens along the way because of accepting our brokenness.

A Proven Roadmap

Road Map To Recovery from Porn or Sex Addiction, Trauma, or Infidelity

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2018 GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency
Board Certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors

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